We're Growing

Scroll to learn more about Royal Hawaiian Orchards merge with Mauna Loa.

We're Growing

Scroll to learn more about Royal Hawaiian Orchards merge with Mauna Loa.

All in the ʻOhana

Royal Hawaiian Orchards Joins the Mauna Loa ʻOhana

The saying goes "What is meant to be, will be" - for the first time in over 20 years Royal Hawaiian Orchards and Mauna Loa are reunited under the same company. While you may not be able to purchase Royal Hawaiian products online you can still buy them in store or find the Mauna Loa equivalent!

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From The Same Seed

Mauna Loa and Royal Hawaiian Orchards were once part of the same company, both planted from the same seed in the 1940s. Beneath the shadow of Mauna Loa volcano herself is where both brands learned to grow and roast macadamias to produce a nutritious nut with a buttery flavor and unique crunch.

Since then, Mauna Loa has expanded beyond Hawai'i and across the mainland, sharing its promise of macadamia-powered paradise with the world. In addition to its core flavored and chocolate-covered macadamia nut products, Mauna Loa also has a line of dairy-free macadamia milk ice cream.

Here at Mauna Loa we are excited to welcome Royal Hawaiian Orchard back home, providing new ways to make its nourishing, plant-based power a delicious addition to your adventures — whether it's a better life you seek, or simply a better snack.


Q: Why is RoyalHawaiianOrchards.com going away?
A: In April 2023, Hawaiian Host Group, the parent company of Mauna Loa, acquired MacFarms LLC an Australian-based company who owned Royal Hawaiian Orchards. As a result of this acquisition, Hawaiian Host Group is bringing the ownership of these Hawai'i based brands back to Hawai'i.

Q: Can I still buy Royal Hawaiian Orchard macadamias?
A: Yes, You can still find Royal Hawaiian Orchards at select stores around the country.

Q: What is Mauna Loa?
A: We're a Hawai'i based company with a profound love for sharing the countless benefits macadamias can provide you on your journey towards health and wellness. We value mindful eating and have a rich interest in making our islands (and the consumptions of macadamias) flourish.

Q: Why should I buy Mauna Loa?
A: Our macadamias are roasted with a unique offering of flavors from Hawaiʻi for a perfect combination of taste and crunch. But don't just take our word for it - check out what other's are saying about our macadamias here!

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